Daniela Crucitti born in Milano in 1954 where she lived up to 2016 when she transferred in Cecina, Tuscany.

In her first part of life, she was an interpreter and later a producer in advertising agency and spot production companies.

From 1988 and 1999 she studied shiatsu with MD Umberto Mosca, osteopath and acupuncturist in Milan.

Student of Namkhai Norbu since 1985, she began to study Ku Nye and External Therapies in 1999 with dr Nida Chenagtsang and Shang Shung Institute in Merigar, where she become Instructor in 2005.

From 2006 till 2010 she has been IATTM (first name of Sorig) International Coordinator and International teacher.

Co-founder of IATTM Italy, born in September 2008.

She also worked on Ku Nye texts for Shang Shung Institute and IATTM and for the publishing of Ku Nye Book ‘Io mi curo con il Ku Nye’ edited in Italy by Infinito Edizioni in 2013.

Now retired in Tuscany for more natural and spiritual life and where she still teaches locally.