Tam Nguyen, MD, born 1982, is a board certified doctor for General Internal Medicine currently based in Switzerland. In her medical practice at an outpatient clinic in Winterthur she integrates Sowa Rigpa into her daily professional routine as a modern doctor, making it a unique experience for her patients.

It was in 2009 just after her graduation from the Medical School of Heidelberg University, Germany, when she first time heard about Sowa Rigpa and Dr. Nida. Fascinated by the option to connect her soon to begin professional work with her Asian heritage of spiritual Buddhist practice she joined Dr. Nida’s classes on Sowa Rigpa. At first skeptical about the concepts of ’elements and energy’ she quickly discovered the convincing science of Sowa Rigpa that for example had discovered human cells and microorganisms in the 8th century when there were no technological means such as microscopes available.

Learning about Sorig while starting her medical career she discovered a new world with applicable methods based on logical understanding of the body-energy-mind connection to overcome today’s widespread and overwhelming diseases of stress, depression, and anxiety.

To promote this long hidden knowledge of Sowa Rigpa that seemed so useful especially in our times, Dr. Tam dedicated her time for the organizational development and growth of SKẎ, Sorig Khang International.

Along teaching Sowa Rigpa in SKẎ since 2010 she has helped develop SKẎ’s education and training program and co-authored several titles with Dr. Nida. In 2016 she co-founded SKẎ as foundation, giving the umbrella organization its current legal basis to manage more than 200 volunteer workers and 70 centers in 40 countries around the world. In her leading function it is her aim to promote education, training, publications and common awareness of Sowa Rigpa of the highest standard possible in this field.