Sowa Rigpa

The Tibetan science of healing known as Sowa Rigpa (Tib. གསོ་བ་རིག་པ།) is a centuries-old traditional medical system that utilizes pulse and urine analysis, behavior and diet modification, natural medicines made from herbs and minerals, and external healing therapies to treat illness.

Traditionally Sowa Rigpa was presented within the context of an interdisciplinary study containing the Five Major Sciences (Buddhist Philosophy, Logic, Sanskrit, Medicine, and Arts & Crafts) and the Five Minor Sciences (Synonymics, Mathematics & Astrology, Drama, Poetry, and Composition). Historically as well as scientifically an interdependent relationship has developed especially between the fields of Buddhist Philosophy, Medicine, and Astrology.

The Sowa Rigpa education programs offered by Sorig Khang International mirror this interdisciplinary approach.