Anu Rootalu-Wachsmann is a Sowa Rigpa practitioner in Estonia since 2002.

She started to practice Tibetan Buddhism and yoga when she was 15-years old. Maybe because of that an interest arose towards Tibetan medicine. She looked for the opportunity to study Tibetan medicine already many years before meeting her medical and spiritual Teacher Dr. Nida Chenagtsang. In the beginning it seemed impossible – first, the borders of Soviet Union (where Estonia belonged to that time) were closed and later when they opened there were practically no study possibilities for Westerners.

So she went to a Medical School in Estonia, studied Western medicine for 5 years and became a midwife. She studied and practiced also Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, reflexology and Western astrology.

In Sowa Rigpa Anu has completed both TTM and TET study programs and 2 courses of Tibetan astrology. She started teaching Sowa Rigpa in 2006 and has been teaching it in 8 different countries. The subjects are Tibetan medical theory, therapies, nejang yoga and meditation. Also, she translates medical textbooks in Estonian language.

At the moment she is living in a deep forest in South Estonia in her medical farm - growing herbs, keeping bees, teaching Sowa Rigpa, doing retreats and receiving patients. In treatments, she uses often mantras and rituals.