Besides Sowa Rigpa, SKẎ Public Talks present Tibetan Astrology, the science of temporal calculation, and the closely related Tibetan art of Geomancy called 'Sa Che'. Our 1-3 hours stand-alone talks are open to the public and intended for any interested person regardless of professional background.


SKẎ Workshops on Astrology & Sa Che explore the Tibetan science of temporal calculation and its closely related geomancy, or earth analysis. They explain theory and practice of these Tibetan sciences including its history, transmission, traditions (tantric, astrological, and medical), cosmology, and analytic and rebalancing methods.

Our 1-2 days workshops are open to the public and intended for any interested person regardless of professional background. See workshops



This Tibetan tradition of Geomancy, dubbed 'Tibetan Feng Shui', springs from a several-thousand-year-old knowledge of analyzing the earth. Fused with astrology, Tibetan Medicine, and tantric Buddhism, this art has survived in its pure and authentic form until today through a lineage of qualified Sa Che masters. Intended for any interested person regardless of professional background this program's design as 2 levels of intensive 2 days classes each allows participation at any time.

Its purpose is to work in balance with the natural elements and energies in order to harmonize human life and health. Skillfully applied, Sa Che helps enhance positive emotions, wealth, and the fulfillment of individual work and aspirations.


SC levels 1 and 2 are certified with a Sorig Khang International Certificate of the Course of Study in Sa Che - Tibetan Geomancy.

Our certification is valid throughout SKẎ’s global branches though we accept no liability for any damages, loss, harm, or illness suffered as a result of geomantic practice conducted based on any SKẎ activity (courses, public talk, workshop, etc.) by any course participant or venue.


The Sa Che Course of Study consists of two levels:

Basic Sa Che - Tibetan Geomancy (12 h)

Advanced & Practical Sa Che (12 h)*

More advanced levels in accordance with the authentic practice of traditional Sa Khen (Masters of Tibetan Geomancy) are currently in development and may include study tours to locations in various countries.

* no auditors allowed


As SKẎ Teacher and part of the SKẎ Family you independently support the foundation in its mission of education in Sowa Rigpa and its related topics, such as Tibetan Astrology and the geomantic science of Sa Che. You will be traveling on invitation of our SKẎ Centers or Partners around the globe to spread the seeds of knowledge.

To become a SKẎ Teacher we offer specific training programs designed to expand your theoretical knowledge and practical experience. You stay up to date with teaching and learning methods through your teaching activities and our continuous education program (Refresher Courses & Teacher Meetings). We also offer state of the art communication channels for exchange with your peers, as well as the unconventional SKẎ Program 'Sorig Mental Health Care'.