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SKI Bank Account

Beneficiary's Name: Internationale Stiftung Sorig Khang
IBAN: DE30 6602 0500 0004 7603 00

Name of Bank: Bank fuer Sozialwirtschaft AG  
Address of Bank: Steinhaeuserstrasse 20, 76135 Karlsruhe, Germany
Phone: +49 721 981 340

Are you looking for information about local activities?

Please contact our local Sorig Khang centers directly:

  • Australia

    • Sorig Khang Australia     
      Gabriella Sanelli, LMT
    • Sorig Khang Melbourne     
      Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
      Karen Stone
  • Austria

    • Sorig Khang Innsbruck     
      Innsbruck, Austria
      Jens Tönnemann, MD
  • Belgium

    • Sorig Khang Namur     
      Vedrin, Namur, Belgium
      Justine Volvert
  • Brazil

    • Sorig Khang Belo Horizonte     
      Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
      Renata Guedes Silva
  • Czech Republic

    • Sorig Khang Praha (Prague)     
      Prague, Czech Republic
      Anastazja Holečko, MD
    • Sorig Khang Zbečno (Zbecno)     
      Zbečno, Czech Republic
      Anastazja Holečko, MD
  • Estonia

    • Sorig Khang Eesti (Estonia)     
      Väluste, Tarvastu Parish, Estonia
      Viivi Käärma
  • Finland

    • Sorig Khang Helsinki     
      Helsinki, Finland
      Bella Bash
    • Sorig Khang Suomi (Finland)     
      Kati Torkko
    • Yuthok Ling Tampere  
      Tampere, Finland
      Santeri Humina
  • France

    • Sorig Khang France     
      Marseille & Toulouse, France
      Elise Mandine
  • Germany

    • Sorig Khang Bensheim     
      Bensheim-Auerbach, Germany
      Elke Riedel
    • Sorig Khang Deutschland (Germany)     
      Mähringen, Ulm, Germany
      Tobias Emrich
    • Sorig Khang München (Munich)  
      Munich, Germany
      Barbara von Baudissin
  • Greece

    • Sorig Khang Αθήνα (Athens)     
      Porto Rafti, Attica, Athens, Greece
      Lilian Peppa, LAc
  • Hungary

    • Sorig Khang Budapest     
      Budapest, Hungary
      Monika Ujvarosi Lata
  • India

    • Sorig Khang Bengaluru (Bangalore)     
      Bangalore, Karnataka, India
      Aditya Varma
    • Sorig Khang Bodhgaya  
      Bodhgaya, Bihar, India
      Elena Madroñal
  • Italy

    • Sorig Khang Italia (Italy)     
      Pomaia, Pisa, Italy
      Laura Bellandi
    • Sorig Khang Monterotondo  
      Monterotondo, Rome, Italy
      Erica Reali
    • Sorig Khang Padova (Padua)     
      Padua, Italy
      Mirella Pagliarin
    • Sorig Khang Roma (Rome)  
      Rome, Italy
      Cinzia Tosoni
    • Sorig Khang Sanremo  
      Sanremo, Italy
      Manuela Sartore
    • Yuthok Ling Anzio  
      Anzio, Italy
      Donla Tsering
  • Japan

    • Sorig Khang 日本 (Japan)  
      Kyoto, Japan
      Masumi Nakano
  • Kazakhstan

    • Sorig Khang Алматы (Almaty)     
      Almaty, Kazakhstan
      Milla Krivdina
  • Kenya

    • Sorig Khang Nairobi  
      Nairobi, Kenya
      Amy Musau
  • Malaysia

    • Sorig Khang Malaysia     
      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      Allyssa Yap
  • Nepal

    • Sorig Khang Nepal     
      Kathmandu, Nepal
      Raj Shrestha
  • Netherlands

    • Sorig Khang Amsterdam     
      Duivendrecht, Amsterdam, Netherlands
      Pearse Gaffney
  • Poland

    • Sorig Khang Białystok (Bialystok)     
      Bialystok, Poland
      Zbigniew Struk
    • Sorig Khang Kalisz     
      Kalisz, Poland
      Klaudia Bogusz
    • Sorig Khang Poznań (Poznan)     
      Poznań, Poland
      Marian Majchrzycki, PhD
    • Sorig Khang Warszawa (Warsaw)     
      Warsaw, Poland
      Adrian Robak
  • Romania

    • Sorig Khang Oradea     
      Oradea, Romania
      Monika Ujvarosi Lata
  • Russia

    • Sorig Khang Москва (Moscow)     
      Moscow, Russia
      Elena Volkova
    • Юток Линг Улан-Удэ (Ulan-Ude)     
      Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia, Russia
      Bair Tcynguev
  • Singapore

    • Sorig Khang Singapore     
      Jacqueline Yu
  • Slovenia

    • Sorig Khang Ljubljana  
      Ljubljana, Slovenia
      Maja Dvorsek
  • Spain

    • Sorig Khang Sevilla (Seville)     
      Seville, Spain
      Antonio Daza Sánchez
    • Sorig Khang Valencia     
      Valencia, Spain
      Isis Muñoz La Combe
  • Switzerland

    • Sorig Khang Rorschach     
      Rorschach, Switzerland
      Barbara Rothfuchs
  • United Kingdom

    • Sorig Khang Glasgow     
      Glasgow, United Kingdom
      Julien Baron-Meyet
  • United States

    • California
      • Sorig Khang Bay Area     
        San Francisco Bay Area, California
        Jason Whitlow
      • Sorig Khang Los Angeles     
        Los Angeles, California
        Christiana Polites
    • Oregon
      • Sorig Khang Portland     
        Portland, Oregon
        Christiana Polites
  • Venezuela

    • Sorig Khang Caracas     
      Caracas, Venezuela
      Zoldy Parra