Our programs are designed as advanced training and studying while in employment suitable for anyone interested. There are no prerequisites regarding professional background or spirituality.

SKẎ Education Programs include public talks, advanced studies with theoretical and practical modules, workshops, and tenure courses related to Sowa Rigpa and its External Therapies, Tibetan Astrology, Sa Che, the Tibetan art of geomancy, as well as Nejang Yoga.

In joint programs with Yuthok Sangha, the spiritual community of Yuthok Nyingthig practitioners, SKẎ also hosts public talks, teachings and transmissions, group practice and guided retreats covering Mantra Healing (the 'Fifth Trunk of the Medical Root of Treatment'), Yuthok Nyingthig (Yuthok's 'Heart Teachings'), and general Buddhist topics common to any Vajrayana tradition.


Our public talks consist of 1 to 3 hours of exiting topics from Sorig Himalayan Medicine in today's medical world to the Tibetan Geomancy Art of Sa Che.


SKẎ workshops consist of whole day classes over the course of 1 to 3 days. They cover theory and practical training of Sowa Rigpa and related topics alike and aim at being useful for non-medical professionals in their every day life. They do not have prerequisites.


Our advanced studies and study courses consist of 2 to 4 year programs with intensive modules, both theoretical and practical, accompanied by home study and review classes. They can be joined as auditors or as registered students, the latter will receive SKẎ Certificates or SKẎ Diplomas upon successfully completing the programs.


Through the Sowa Rigpa International College, a joint project of SKẎ and the Lumbini University, we offer the first accredited Sowa Rigpa degree in Nepal. It is also the first bachelor to be taught in English thus opening the door for international students around the world.


Our online learning program offers the benefits of modern technology - study easily and economically from the comfort of your favorite armchair right in your home!

All of SKẎ's theoretical classes and many spiritual teachings are offered online from all corners around the world directly to your screen.

Modern communication tools allow you to stay in live contact with the teacher for questions and answers, rendering all our online offerings equivalent to our face-to-face programs with the same SKẎ certification available.

We also offer classes available online only such as our program 'Sowa Rigpa - Science of Health & Happiness'.


The International Congress on Sowa Rigpa has been organized by our foundation as first and only continuous yearly congress on Tibetan Medicine globally. It is SKẎ's contribution for public education as well as further professional development of Sorig in the East and West.

Each year it takes place in a new SKẎ country, so don't miss to experience Sowa Rigpa in its diverse homes of this world!


Experience Sorig in its home!

SKẎ offers educational tours into various parts of the world where Sorig is practiced. Open to SKẎ students and the public our fun tours offer insight to the culture, history, medicine, and spirituality. Whether you want to live with the nomads, practice your healing skills, learn about herbs in the traditional way, or meet the ngakpas - it's all inclusive!