Tibetan Prayer Flags

The Tibetan science of healing known as Sowa Rigpa (short 'Sorig') is a traditional medical system with its roots dating back more than 2000 years. Preserved in its authenticity integrally until today’s date through the pure lineage of transmission it utilizes pulse and urine analysis, behavior and diet modification, natural medicines made from herbs and minerals, and External Therapies to treat illness.

Traditionally Sowa Rigpa was presented in Tibet within the context of an interdisciplinary study containing the Five Major Sciences (Philosophy, Logic, Sanskrit, Medicine, and Arts & Crafts) and the Five Minor Sciences (Synonymics, Mathematics & Astrology, Drama, Poetry, and Composition). Historically as well as scientifically an interdependent relationship has developed especially between the fields of Spirituality, Medicine, and Astrology.

Sowa Rigpa itself means 'Healing Science' as well as 'Nourishment of Awareness'.

This twofold meaning is connected to the Himalayan medicine’s aim of realizing both relative and absolute balance.

The Sorig education programs offered by SKẎ mirror the interdisciplinary approach by being open to interested students of all cultures, traditions, or religions. As one of Asia’s three great healing systems, Sowa Rigpa approaches suffering and disease holistically, whilst being compatible with any other eastern or western medical traditions.