Our spiritual SKẎ Teachings introduce this 'Fifth Trunk' of the medical science Sowa Rigpa called 'Mantra Healing'. This therapeutic method works through the power of vibration, a subtle part of the Sorig energies. Originating from Tibetan, Sanskrit, or the secret Dakini language, mantras can be learned and used by anyone regardless of cultural or religious background.

Our 1-2 days teachings are open to the public and intended for any interested person regardless of professional background or spiritual affiliation. See teaching



As SKẎ Guide and part of the SKẎ Family you independently support the foundation in its mission of education in Sowa Rigpa and its closely related spiritual healing branch of Mantra Healing. You will be traveling on invitation of our SKẎ Centers or Partners around the globe to offer teachings and guide spiritual practice and retreats.

To become a SKẎ Guide we offer specific training programs designed to expand your theoretical knowledge and practical experience. You stay up to date with teaching and learning methods through your teaching activities and our continuous education program (Refresher Courses & Teacher Meetings). We also offer state of the art communication channels for exchange with your peers, as well as the unconventional SKẎ Program 'Sorig Mental Health Care'.