Beatrice Ciardi was born in Rome on 06 February 1964. She received classical studies and initiated architecture, and later dedicated herself for part of her life to the sport, achieving various successes at a national level in the competitive field. Become a personal trainer and she develops for the oriental sciences, studying various yogic disciplines with different teachers both Indian and Tibetan, subsequently becoming a teacher herself, she accumulated experience of almost 30 years.

She met Dr. Nida Chenagtsang in 2000 and began to study directly with him in Pomaia, Traditional Tibetan Medicine, completing the course, and simultaneously the Ku Nye massage (external therapies) all the levels, and Mantra Healing. She also received the teachings related to the Yuthok Nyinghtik from Dr. Nida. She became passionate about Yoga Ne Jang and after preparing the related thesis, Dr. Nida himself, authorized her in 2009 to teach, thus becoming the first teacher of Ne Jang authorized in Italy. In 2010 she went to Tibet for the first time, with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang for the medical tour, one of the most unforgettable experiences of her life, especially for the work done in the hospital with the nomads. At this time she still teaches Yoga Ne Jang, every day at her center, focusing especially on the elderly people. She actively collaborates with various associations, to promote Tibetan medicine and Ne Jang, with a broad consensus also in the public sphere, also leading classes of 280 people. Her passion led her to undertake private studies of Buddhist philosophy and classical Tibetan language. Happy mother of three children, together with the same man with whom she has lived for almost 32 years, who has infected by her passion for the Ku Nye, to the point of encouraging him to study it. Now he is a very “sought-after” massage therapist. In her free time, she helps Donal Tsering with the Yuthok Choekhang