Bella Bash was born in Russia in 1962 in a musician´s family. She studied languages and graduated as a teacher from Petrozavodsk Pedagogical University in 1985 and worked as a teacher of English after graduation. In 1991 she emigrated to Finland where she studied Finnish language and translation in University of Vaasa. At the same time, she studied classical music and singing in the musical college of Vaasa. Bella worked as a translator and interpreter of Finnish, Russian and English languages for almost 20 years.

From a young age, Bella was interested in natural medicine and studied various healing methods like sound therapy, reiki, herbal remedies, and others. In 2007 she went to Moscow to study Ku Nye massage and also started her four-year TTM studies with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, traveling regularly to Russia to take Dr. Nida´s classes and also doing her part as an interpreter.

In 2008 Bella founded SKY branch in Finland (ATTM Finland at that time) and started organizing local courses with Dr. Nida and other teachers. From 2011 she started teaching Ku Nye massage in Finland and later other TTM subjects.

Today Bella lives in the Southern Finland working with her patients and running non-profit organization Sorig Khang Helsinki and teaching both locally and internationally. Her deepest wish is to help Dr. Nida spreading Sowa Rigpa knowledge to future Sorig therapists, but also to the general public as a brilliant prevention method.