Cinzia Tosoni was born in Rome in 1961 where she still lives and works.

In the first part of her life, she worked as a visual merchandiser and was responsible for setting up shops, halls for fashion shows and clothing showrooms.

This work on behalf of one's own company, allows her to refine her business skills, but, above all, to express a more artistic and intuitive side, and the aptitude to manage a harmonious living space.

Since 2012 she met the teachings of the Tibetan Medical Academy with Nejang, Ku Nye and Sowa Rigpa, and she is still pursuing her studies.

Her first meeting with Dr. Nida in 2013 was during the Sache course, teaching that she was waiting for, and immediately loved. A direct student of Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, under his guidance, she obtained recognition as SKY teacher, and as an external consultant of Sache.

At the same time, taking care of the first Italian edition of the book "Sache - Tibetan Geomancy", together with Dr. Nida, she created the first symbolic map: "The Tree of Sache".

From 2016 she opened Sorig Khang Rome, where she organizes the SKY courses.

Subsequently, she was included in the Dragsong group, and attended to the publication of the latest Sky press books by Dr. Nida, "Mirror of Light" and "Weapon of Light", in Italian "Specchio di Luce” and “Lama di Luce”.

She is also involved in the publication of the first photographic book on the Ngakpa community: "Ngakpas. In the village of the Tibetan Yogis" published by Ed. Mediterranee.

In 2019 she founded Skypress Italia, a branch of Skypress that will take care of the publications in the Italian language of the works of Dr. Nida and Sowa Rigpa.