Daiana Felici

Daiana Felici comes from Buti, a small village near Pisa. She’s a mom and an employee but she studies Sowa Rigpa since 2014. She followed both modules of the first two years. She finished the first level of Ku Nye in Pomaia in June 2015 and attended the seminars of external therapies: Moxibustion Horme’ and Cupping in March and July 2016 and an introduction of acupuncture in the summer 2017. She receives teachings about "BLha massage” and since 2014 she follows the spiritual path connected at this ancient medicine, so she received the transmission of Mantra Healing 1 and Mantra Healing 2 level and she received the transmission of the Golden Mantra with accumulation retreat. Fascinated by the spiritual path she Completed Ngondro 7 days retreat ( trying to repeat it every year as recommended) Outer Guru Yoga 7 days retreat, Dream’s Yoga, Clear light and Bardo Yoga retreats in Rome.

During Sowa Rigpa Congress in Pisa on April 2018 she followed the teachings about Karmamudra the Yoga of Bliss and after completed Yoga NeJang course and Yoga NeJang teachers training she received the permission to practice it as a teacher. In her life she is also completing her studies of Yoga Teacher for children, certificated and authorized to teach in the public schools of Italy because it is her interest to make a connection with Yoga NeJang and kids and to transmit Sowa Rigpa to the little ones in the Italian school environment and to the new generations.