Elena Shirshova

I was born in the South of Russia in 1970, now live in Sankt-Petersburg. Educated in biology, physics, also get an MBA. Began to study Tibetan Medicine in 2005, joined to dr.Nida courses in 2009. In 2017 made a diploma about the brain in SKY. I'm graduated in biology, I studied anatomy, and got some practical work in the cardiological clinic as well as in Moscow Institute of Emergency Medicine, but, officially it is not a medical degree.

Has got Sorig practice in Sankt-Peterburg

Like traveling very much.

In 2017 together with my husband, doctor of Tibetan Medicine, founded a non-profit organization, devoted to translations and publishing of sorig medical texts "Tanaduk"

Sowa Rigpa is the main topic of my activity. My wish is SKY Petergof, center which I have established in 2018, would be the reliable school of TM, where students could get deep knowledge and skills in Sowa Rigpa.

Help SKY in the coordination of its activity in Russia.