After a master in linguistics and French modern literature in Perpignan, Elise worked as a P.R and webmaster project-manager for a start-up in London, when, finally, she realized she would be much happier practicing massage and natural therapies, so she started her training in Shiatsu in France and UK.

Invited as a translator for his new Ku Nye course, she met Dr. Nida Chenagtsang in 2003, in France. Touched by his talent and compassion during consultations and courses, she decided to become his student. From then on, she became his French translator, followed his training in Ku Nye, Mantra Healing, TTM, and Yuthok Nyingthig. From 2005 onwards, Elise assisted Dr. Nida during his courses and consultations in France, translated manuals and organized for the newborn IATTM France, later to be Sorig Khang France.

Being intimately related to Tibetan culture, (for she became in 2006, a Tibetan « nga ma », i.e. daughter-in-law, and raised her two franco-Tibetan children), she could travel very extensively in Amdo, visiting family and traditional Tibetan hospitals, always learning a lot from both!

Meeting Dr. Nida and his family is certainly the most significative turning point in her life, and she tries her best to pay homage and gratitude to them and to the community of students and teachers of SKI, in taking a part of the transmission of Sowa Rigpa.

Along with her Sorig practice with patients, she started to teach in 2012 for Sorig Khang International: at first Ku Nye massage and external therapies, then Nejang, Root Tantra, also guiding Chudlen retreats and Mantra Healing retreats.

"I feel like an artist practicing the great Art of Healing". Thuk-je-che ! ཐུགས་རྗེ་ཆེ།