"Not who starts, but who Perseveres", quotes - the motto of the Amerigo Vespucci school sailing ship. In the course of my life, I have always tried to achieve the best. I graduated in economics, then in physiotherapy, and finally in medicine and surgery, but when I met Dr. Nida in 2000, my path and my goal finally came to light. Everyone in this world needs to understand who he is and where he is headed. Sowa Rigpa taught me this and so I strive every day to be able to transmit it, in the best possible way, to anyone who is part of my path.

I am currently an international teacher of several aspects of Sowa Rigpa, such as the Four Tantra, the Ku Nye, and Mantra Healing. Every day I commit myself to deepen Sowa Rigpa's profound knowledge, trying to harmonize it with the elements of Western medicine, and in spiritual practice, which I consider to be the prerequisite for being a better person, even before being a good doctor.