I've been practicing since 1984: Hatha yoga, aikido, different styles of kung-fu and, from 1987 Taijiquan. In 1985 I've met the Japanese school of Soto Zen and in 1995 the Vajrayana vehicle. In 2012 I met Dr. Nida Chenatsang, and studying with him I feel like a glimpse the relationship between Dharma, medicine, and Yoga. For this reason, and many others, my heart is full of gratitude for Dr. Nida, Donla Tsering, and all the sangha. I am authorized to teach Nejang, to be Ngondro guide and to do a presentation of Mantra healing. I first met Sowa Rigpa in a Nejang class guided by Beatrice Ciardi at Samanthabadra institute in March 2012, in Rome. In summer 2012 I received the first teaching by Dr. Nida: Dream yoga at Pomaia. Since then, I've been following Dr. Nida teachings every time I could. I studied with him base of Mahamudra, Chakra massage, Lha massage, Dream yoga (4 times and one retreat), Yukcho and Yukcho teacher training, Sa che, Mantra healing level 2, Tummo yoga, Healing practice of Medicine Buddha (2 times), Healing practice of Yuthok with 5 Dakinis, Bardo yoga, Ati yoga (2 times), Dorje Gotrab (2 times), Illusory body yoga, Clear light yoga, Healing practice from Nyinthig Le Tshok, two Nejang teacher training, Retreat-Teacher training of Mantra healing presentation and Ngondro guide, and some other. With Donla Tsering I studied Mantra Healing level one (3 times), Mantra healing level 2, Dorje Gotrab retreat, Outer Guru Yoga retreat, Ngondro one week retreat (4 times), Ku Nye level one (2 times), Ku Nye level 2 - external therapies, Lha massage, Tummo retreat and some other. With Emilio Gallotta I studied Medicine basics of 2 years, Astronomy of two years. Thanks to Dr. Nida, Donla Tsering, all Sangha, my teachers, and my students. Thanks to my parents, my wife and my family.