• Mental Healthcare in Sowa Rigpa - Psychiatry

Inspired through Yuthok´s vision „for the benefit of all sentient beings“ Jens Tönnemann dedicates his work and life in the field of Sowa Rigpa to nurture the constant process of building and crossing bridges between time-tested and modern medicine.

As a medical doctor, Jens is a Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist with a long-term focus on „Mental Health Care in Sowa Rigpa“, he is working on different levels that are all connected and interacting.

In the center is the daily personal encounter and work as a doctor with patients and their families either downtown in the city clinic or in the simplicity of the mountain clinic in the Alps nearby Innsbruck/Austria.

On the level of „living interconnection“ a constant presence with openness is required to coordinate the organization and development of the only annual International Congress on Sowa Rigpa that moves from one SKẎ country to another around the globe.

„Living complexity in simplicity“ is inspired through the most important root connection to his teachers and stable lineages.

Full of gratitude to be a student of Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, Jens is looking forward to the next SKẎ Family gathering and to experience and practice Sowa Rigpa as - according to Dr. Nida - the „Science of Healing and Happiness“ anywhere around the globe, beyond borders or national interests.