Julien Baron-Meyet, born 1979 in France, is a certified Osteopath D.O. After having studied Biomathematics and Botanic at University, Julien started investigating Complementary and Alternative Therapies. He opened his Osteopathy Clinic in 2004 and dedicates his life to his practice since.

During the following 10 years, he received patients from newborns to the elderly, with a wide range of conditions. He quickly realized the benefit of integrating traditional therapies into modern medicine and worked together with GPs and medics. He trained himself in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Western Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy, and followed osteopathy training in post-partum care and pediatrics. Alongside running his clinic, he taught Anatomy and Physiology in several Schools of Osteopathy across Europe.

He first met Dr. Nida in late 2005 during a Mantra Therapy course in Paris and followed him to Amdo in summer 2006. His experience in Tibet convinced him to complete the full course in Tibetan Medicine Studies with SKY. Applying immediately this knowledge in his daily work with his patients, he specialized himself in Tibetan Pharmacology, Herbal Remedies, Gynaecology and Pediatrics.

Living now in Scotland, he runs his own Complementary Therapy Clinic and provides tailored treatments combining Osteopathy, Tibetan Medicine, Acupuncture and Homeopathy.