I live in a village near Namur in Belgium.

- Général studies in Sciences

- Psycho-education and social worker Bachelor

- Ku Nye practitioner since 2013

- Ku Nye teacher since 2017

Ku Nye massage and external therapies are my main practice during the year. My psycho-education studies help me a lot in the way I guide my patient. It's a kind of health education and I like it very much. It's helped me also to organize well my Ku Nye class.

I start the give also one-week health retreat for the patient. During this week I use the techniques of the Ku Nye and external therapies. I cook them a vegetarian meal and we do breathing exercises, yoga nejang, And meditation. For some person is really important they take this time to relieve everything and to change their habit. With experience, I also feel that is not enough for addict patient ( alcoholism ).

In 2016 I did a PanchaKarma for one month to detoxify my body from my rock and roll time. I felt on my body what change it was after this cure. I really believe in long period detox and treatment and I want to study more about this part of Tibetan Medicine. That why I start slowly to give Lul therapy to some patient. In a general way, more detox way and I understand how complex the Lum is and also how powerful it can be if it's done in a proper way.

I love nature and the traditional way of living of human: very simple and close to nature. When I go to Nepal I just like to stay in a family place and learn about their traditional way of living. It's inspired me a lot for my own life.