Laura Bellandi

She was born in Lucca (Tuscany), in Italy in 1975. In the first part of her life she conducts foreign linguistic studies focused on the tourism field: territorial marketing, developing of natural cultural heritage, an organization of tour travel for groups. After the first graduation, for family reasons, she abandons her studies and starts working immediately, entering design and production for the SPA & WELLNESS sector for the exclusive market, both nationally and internationally. The experience that has brought her a lot of know-how in various fields for 14 years. In 2010, tired by her stressful life&style focused on work, she discovers the healing powers of Ku Nye massage. After a full immersion of 10 days of course with Donla Tsering, she abandons her old unhealthy life&style and starts a new one. In the same year, she enrolls at Tibetan medicine course in Pomaia, (Pi) and knows Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, and starts to study with him from the first year up to the advanced classes of Tibetan Medicine and External Tibetan Therapies, as well as the Yuthok Nyingthig. Since 2010 she applies the Ku Nye Tibetan massage as a therapist, she participates in the retreats of the Yuthok Nyingthig, which she considered a fundamental part for her personal growth path. In 2015 she became official coordinator of IATTM Italia, (now Sorig Khang Italia ) and organizes all courses of Tibetan medicine, mantra healing, external therapies, and Yuthok Nyinghtig both those with Dr. Nida and with other teachers of the academy. In 2018, she has the privilege of organizing in Pisa, in collaboration with the Sky International Foundation, the International Pisa Sorig Congress "Vivere Sowa Rigpa". She participates in several Teachers Training with Dr. Nida, especially regarding the Tibetan External Therapies, which in turn becomes a teacher. She created the blog "Buongiorno Sowa Rigpa", of which she is co-author and co-editor together with Maria Corrao.