Dr. Machig Sogdzon is a senior Sorig doctor and professor in Amdo, Northeastern Tibet. He began learning Sowa Rigpa in 1983 with Dr. Jigme. In 1989 he enrolled at Lhasa University to study Sowa Rigpa. After completing 5 years of medical training and graduating from the Tibetan Medical College, Dr. Machig returned to Amdo to work as a doctor in Malho Hospital, where he has now been practicing and teaching for over 30 years. His medical lineage is based on the famous Chagpori Medical School, incorporating both of the historical Zur and Jang traditions, yet focusing on the former. In his clinical work he specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic conditions.

He has been teaching various subjects on Sorig pathology in SKẎ since the organization's beginning. He is known amongst SKẎ students for his vast knowledge on materia medica, theoretical pharmacology, and the actual practice of collecting and preparing Tibetan medical formulas as demonstrated at all of SKẎ's Sorig Tours to Tibet. He is admired for his kindheartedness and unceasing commitment to preserve and promote Sowa Rigpa, either traveling to the West for teaching purpose, or treating local patients wherever he resides every single day of his life without rest.