Manuela Sartore was born in Sanremo on 23 January 1971 where she lives.

1990 till 2003 She transferred in Turin and Milan where she completed her studied in economy and management and working first as a trainer, then she was project manager, coordinator, and tutor for European social funds and courses.

From 2003 she came back in Sanremo and worked in an Aesthetics school as trainer and coordinator.

2008 she graduated in Aesthetics and she started teaching cosmetology, dermatology. Massage.

2009 she met Daniela Crucitti and discovered Ku Nye and she organized the first Ku Nye course in Sanremo.

Since 2010 she is a Ku Nye and external therapies therapist and organizer for a lot of workshops about Ku Nye, External Therapies and introduction to Sowa Rigpa.

2012 she opened an Aesthetics school in Sanremo.

2014 she organized in her Aesthetics school another Ku Nye course in Sanremo with Daniela Crucitti and started studying in Pomaia (Tuscany) Ku Nye level 2 and MTT

Since 2014 she received an introduction to acupuncture, teachings about "BLha massage” Chakra massage, moxa, Yukcho, Horme, Metsa, mebum cupping, and transmission of Mantra Healing 1, Bardo Yoga, dream Yoga retreat, Clear Light Yoga, Illusory Body Yoga, Powa Yoga, Ati Yoga, Chud Len, Sa che course and workshop. Neiang teacher training in October 2015

Since 2014 she follows the spiritual path connected to this ancient medicine.

October 2016 She finished the third level of Ku Nye.

2017 she received teacher training certificate in Ku Nye and the permission to teach.

Since 2016 she applied Ku Nye and horme to some disabled children and adult (autistic, down and psychiatric problem) It is an extraordinary experience, they love horme, they sleep better after the treatment

She is working about Ku Nye thesis: European and Tibetan cosmetology, personal and beauty care