I got the opportunity to study Kunye 1 in 2009 and then I began to study Tibetan medicine. I completed the Mantra Healing Course up to 2 and did some retreats including Yuthok Ngondro retreat. I studied also Sache, Dream Yoga, and Nejang.

In 2010, I qualified as a JAMHA Medical Coordinator to gain knowledge of herbs.

In 2011, I became an aromatherapist and instructor certified by AEAJ, the largest aroma group in Japan. I also studied all about essential oils, their pharmacology, brain and body physiology, aroma and facial treatments, and the hospitality needed for a therapist.

I worked as an aromatherapist at a premium membership spa resort in Japan, offering aroma and facial treatment to my guests.

I held Horme-therapy and breathing technique Workshops at the Tibetan Medicine Salon.

I got qualified as a Kunye instructor in 2016.

In 2017 I acquired the national qualification as a registered seller for pharmaceutical products. With this qualification, I can sell over-the-counter drugs and traditional Japanese and Chinese medicines as well as herbal medicines to patients in Japan. Thanks to this study I was able to learn topics as autopsy, pharmacology in general medicine and Pharmaceutical affairs law. I am currently working at a pharmacy to become a store manager. Sometimes I give patients advice based on Tibetan medicine.

Every year, I attend Dr. Nida's seminar and brush up on new Tibetan medicine knowledge.