I was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 1966, in the family of medical people, father was a medical doctor and a surgeon, mother was a teacher and has been involved with traditional modalities of healing and “folk medicine” she also did Buddhist studies, Yoga and “energy work”, she has degrees in that. My grandmother was a pharmacist and was babysitting me often, so I grew up in the pharmacy where amongst other things herbs and minerals have been processed.

I couldn't study medicine at that time, I was afraid of dead people and all the body liquids been making me sick. So I became an architect, like my grandfather.

I graduated in 1990 from Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Engineering, Russia with a Master Degree in Architecture and Art.

I lived and worked as an Architect for restoration and renovation company in Moscow and St-Petersburg, and as a designer for one of the experimental theaters in Saint-Petersburg at the end of 80th, beginning of 90th. Amazingly enough that theatre has been based its performances around energy healing and art - color, sounds, and movement as a healing medium. Productions were very beautiful and filled with art, movement, yoga, and meditation, also dolphins and the Black Sea been included, as part of it))) Russia was very interesting and artful at that time.

In 1994 I went to work in the USA in Alaska, Fairbanks University. Also design and theatre.

After a few years, we went to Seattle, WA and I've studied Buddhism, yoga, meditation and what we called it then, metaphysics, but we know, it is largely based on Buddhism. Seattle has “Maitreya - the Buddha of the Future” center back then. Learning Astrology, Feng Shui, Reiki and many different modalities of healing during this time.

In 2009 I met Genla - Dr. Nida Chenagtsang. Truly, when the student is ready the real teacher appears! And I've been taking his classes on Mantra and Dream Yoga. And following years I've been doing Mantra healing and Dream yoga healing work.

Also, I traveled extensively around the globe and studied too.

In 2013 in India, Varanasi, I studied Vedic knowledge, more of an anthropological study as medical anthropology is one of my interest. More Yoga and meditation. In Indonesia, I studied Native Bali healing methods with one of the priestesses in the northern temple. After that, I've been teaching yoga and meditation and doing healings.

In Nepal, I've spent a few years (in and out) meditating and studying the Tibetan Language with Amchi Urgien and his family. I can read Tibetan now.

While living in California in 2014-2017 I’ve studied SOWA RIGPA as much as I could with Sorig Khang Bay Area and Dr. Nida. I have studied all of the First Tantra: The Tree of health and disease, the diagnostics, the healing methods.

I have received many empowerments from Dr. Nida in San Francisco, California all of the First tantra studies and Diagnosis, in Lafayette, Colorado - many important empowerments, in Los Angeles, California - Dream Yoga retreat, in Seattle, Washington - Mantra study, mantra retreat and Dream yoga, in Singapore - many important empowerments, Healing cards and Karmamudra, Bali - Ati Yoga, Dzogchen retreat.

I have done Ngondro retreats on my own. And Guru Yoga retreats on my own, as I have been encouraged by Dr. Nida to do so and guided by him in private letters. I needed that.

I am at my mother's house now in Almaty. My parents are in the Pure Lands.