Born 1968, Patrice RICHARD grew up in a French blacksmith family, nurtured by Celtic and Scandinavian mythologies. Attracted since childhood by nature and spirituality, he was appealed by Dalai Lama as much as by Druids, Inuit or Aborigines. Traditional societies have always inspired him with the utmost respect, but although dreaming of ethnology, he had a career in the industry, from technological research & development to Engineering.

Around the age of 24, on the fringe of his professional activity, he began studying astrology and various divinatory arts. In 2004, a burn-out forced him to reconsider his priorities. He undertook a work of personal development and started studying dowsing, lithotherapy, aromatherapy, and diet according to Hildegard Von Bingen. Dharma came by magic in his letterbox in 2006: Medicine Buddha empowerment would be bestowed at the local Buddhist Center. Immediately feeling a strong connection with medicine Buddha, he started following the teachings, took refuge following a dream and could receive the empowerment one year later.

He then discovered Tibetan medicine through a book by Dr. Tenzin Chödrak, feeling an intense joy: He had to study Sowa Rigpa! In 2008, he joined Dr. Nida in Spain and was immediately struck by his reading of students' urine. How could urine reveal so much information?

Back from Amdo in 2011, he made several prototypes and finally designed a modern adaptation of the Tibetan metal moxas. After his thesis on urinalysis and at the request of Dr. Nida, Patrice published in 2016 his first book in French: "The Tibetan Art of Urine Analysis".

Patrice is an Engineering project manager on the one hand and a Sowa Rigpa practitioner since 2014 on the other hand, producing metal moxa, teaching Sowa Rigpa, especially diagnostic through urine, and loves to share this ancient and profound knowledge through public conferences.