Raisa Gevav

In 2011 I first came to Kurumkan, Buryatia by autostop and decided to stay there. In 2012 first attended lectures of Dr.Nida Chenagtsang in Ulan-Ude. Since then I find joy in being part of the flow of Sowa Rigpa. Then I had a beautiful chance to study 1st level of Ky-Nye with Inna Medvedeva and a year later - 2nd level of Ku-Nye with Emilio Galotta.

Once, traveling along China, we unexpectedly met with Dr. Nida in Xining and made a beautiful cora around lake Kukunor with Sorigtour. There I first time got introduced with Yoga Nejang. Before I passed my instructor's exam, I was practicing Nejang in Mongolia, Buryatia, Lituania, Nepal. Nejang knowledge helps me to improve my health and health of my patients.