Rodica Meyers was born in Vienna and grew up in Madrid. She holds a doctorate in Anthropology (Freie Universität Berlin) and spent more than twenty years in Latin America as a consultant of the German government for democracy development. Many years of her life she dedicated her work to the itinerant Kallawaya doctors in Bolivia and researching their historical heritage (UNESCO MAB Programm)

Healed and inspired in her youth by Eastern healing methods she has studied various traditions, especially in the field of nutrition, such as Macrobiotics, or Ayurveda. Since 2010 she devotes herself to the Sowa Rigpa studies with Dr. med. Nida Chenagtsang and founded the Yuthok Center for Tibetan Medicine in Bonn (Germany).

Today she offers courses and consultations in Spain and Germany focusing on nutrition and longevity. She also guides Yuthok Nyingthig meditation and Tibetan Nejang healing yoga retreats. Her current research focuses on the common roots of Arabic medicine (Traditional Al-Andalus Medicine) and Tibetan medicine in order to transform this ancient knowledge into healing and cooking recipes for modern life.