Roman Grachev met with Dr. Nida Chenangtsang in 2001, underwent training sessions on Ku Nye massage and external procedures. After many years of practice in external procedures, he graduated from the 4-year educational program of TTM in 2011. in 2018, Dr. Nida gave the blessing to impart knowledge of Sowa Rigpa. Combining intuition, a clear mind and the blessing of the transmission line, constantly developing his abilities to benefit living beings, through the practice of Yutok Nyingtik. Roman very faithfully and accurately conveys the essence of Tibetan Healing Science with the Sowa Rigpa. In our modern time it is very important to apply and integrate the knowledge of the science of healing in everyday life. This will allow us to live happily without diseases, accumulate innumerable merits and wisdom, and realize our full potential.