Tsu-Ching Yu lives in Toronto, Canada teaching Nejang, Tibetan Healing Yoga, and practices Ku Nye, Traditional Tibetan Massage, in addition to being a certified Thai Bodywork Therapist and a Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner as registered with the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners in Canada. She is extremely fond of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM) and studies at Sorig Khang International with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, specializing in Ku Nye, Traditional Tibetan Massage. She is also working towards being certified in Neural Reset Therapy (NRT), a method stimulating mechanoreceptors in the body to optimize muscles neurologically.

Her introduction to the healing arts began with Reiki in 2005, where within the year she completed all levels to Master. From there, she explored other energetic modalities such as Quantum Touch Core Transformation, Divine Healing Hands & Tao Song Singer with the Soul Power Institute, PureBioenergy, and Yuthok’s Healing Activities, utilizing Tibetan Buddhist chanting and visualizations. Abiding by her acupuncturist father’s wish, Tsu-Ching enrolled in hypnosis training. Her interest expanded to include transpersonal clinical hypnotherapy, which involves exploration through regression from one to many lives and in between.

She has an affinity to Tibetan Buddhism, in particular, teachings from Dr. Nida Chenagtsang in the Yuthok tradition and has completed some solitary retreats. It is her wish to spread and promote Tibetan Medicine here in Canada as she is currently the director of Sorig Khang Toronto.