SKẎ is short for Sorig Khang International. We chose to write SKẎ instead of SKI so the association to the sky as opposed to a popular sport would be clear.

We believe that a word has inherent power through its meaning. We used the word to honor Yuthok’s wish

that Sowa Rigpa would spread like the infinite expanse of the sky in order to benefit all sentient beings.

You can also find the symbols of sun and moon within the word. These two energies refer to the

medical principles of ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ or ‘female’ (Dakinis) and ‘male’ (Dakas) as is coincidentally mirrored in the astrological birth date of our foundation (October 25, 2016 translates into the auspicious date of the Dakini Day (25th) of the Fire Pig month (8th) in the Guru Rinpoche or Fire Monkey year 2143).

The third symbol stands for ‘wind’, a neutral energy which is considered the main principle and basis of life in Sowa Rigpa.

The symbol of sun, moon, and wind is found throughout many Asian cultures and traditions. in Tibetan it is called ‘nyima dawa’ and literally means “sun and moon”.