Professor Doctor Troru Tsenam was born in 1926, in Joda county, Kham, in eastern Tibet. When he passed away in 2004 he was considered the most outstanding Sorig scholar and physician, his knowledge on Sowa Rigpa was unrivaled.

His medical study began at the young age of 12. At 15 years old he traveled on various pilgrimages from Kham to Lhasa, Bhutan, Nepal and India to later enroll at Kathok Monastic College where he studied Tibetan Buddhism and Medicine.

In 1956, he accepted an invitation to teach and practice Buddhism and Sowa Rigpa at the Toru Monastery which later earned him the title of ‘Khanchen’, the highest possible position at that monastery which brought him to fame among high scholars and doctors in all Tibet.

During the Chinese Cultural Revolution he was arrested and spent most of his time in prison while continuing his medical work of treating other prisoners and military personnel under adverse conditions.

After his release he restarted his medical practice in the local village of Powo, where he in 1977 created a Precious Pill for the first time after the revolution.

In his remarkable career he had been a professor of Sowa Rigpa, Buddhism, Astrology, and Sanskrit at renowned institutions such as the Beijing Tibetan Buddhist College, Samye Ling Monastery‘s Tara Rokpa Medicine College in UK, and Lhasa Mentseekhang Medical College, the latter of which he became Vice President in 1989.

Overall, he wrote numerous articles and 15 volumes of works, among which is the famous Commentary on the Four Tantras. He rediscovered approximately 260 lost Sorig formulae, he preserved and strengthened the Yuthok Nyingthig Lineage through re-introducing the forgotten spiritual teachings to Sowa Rigpa. Through this work he has profoundly touched the life of many people, and will certainly continue to do so.