Our foundation is our roots(analogy of the Sorig Tree)

SKẎ is short for ‘Sorig Khang International’. It was formed as legal nonprofit foundation based in Germany on October 25, 2016 with the mission to preserve and promote Sowa Rigpa.

In the lunar calendar the foundation’s birthdate translates into the Dakini Day (25th) of the Fire Pig month (8th) in the Guru Rinpoche or Fire Monkey year (2143).

The name ‘Sorig Khang’ is constituted of ‘Sorig’, short for 'Sowa Rigpa’, and ‘Khang’, which means ‘center’ or ‘academy’.

Sowa Rigpa is the native name for Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM).

Following the tree model as it is widely used in Sowa Rigpa, our foundation forms the roots of our organization.

’HOT’, as we affectionally call our Head Office Team, acts as the trunk that supports our activities worldwide, which are organized into the branches of

  • medical education

  • treatment

  • research and

  • cultural and spiritual promotion.

From these grows our network of centers. Like breathing leaves they stay in constant communication with our audience of thousands of students and interested Sorig friends around the world.

We hope that our branches will bear the fruits of healing and nourishment for everyone to enjoy!

In the 8th century the physician and spiritual practitioner Yuthok the Older wrote the first version of the Four Medical Tantras.

He predicted that the accomplished physician Yuthok the Younger would rewrite his work in the future.

400 years later a young doctor called Yuthok Yonten Gonpo from a village of

Goshi Rethang, Western Tibet, edited the Four Tantras based on his collected knowledge and experience.

This version would be known as the ‘Bible of Tibetan Medicine’, and Yuthok the Older would be called its ‘Father’...